Darius and Angelina…The Marriage! | Atlanta Couples Photographer
 I could easily 999 GREAT things about Darius and Angelina. I mean, I just love these people to pieces. And again, I cannot call them “clients” any longer. These are my FRIENDS. We have had so many photo sessions since the Fall of 2016, I think I lost count. THAT is how supportive these two are of my business. I just love, love, LOVE me some Darius and Angelina.

So you know they had to hit me up when they were planning their private, intimate wedding ceremony. I was so excited to capture their special day. I met Angelina right before they got engaged. We had already done a photo session where Angelina modeled for me, and she then hit me up like, “Hey! Darius proposed to me. Would you like to do our engagement photos?” Hecks yeah!! (You can view their engagement photos here. Oh and they were PUBLISHED here.) Those photos came out A-MAZING! These two gorgeous people SLAYED their shoot.

Angelina decided she wanted to have a photo session after their wedding ceremony, at the park. What an awesome idea. The weather was perfect, the park was the perfect location and the bride and groom looked PERFECT. Angelina had on a beautiful lace dress with the floral crown to match. She opted for nude colors and boy did everything come together nicely. Darius had on a suit that matched Angelina’s dress perfectly. They could have easily stepped off the pages of a magazine. They looked THAT good!!

I’m just so grateful for the opportunity to capture these two lovebird’s special day. I am SO GRATEFUL. I mean, I was literally there to capture their love story from the beginning (engagement) to now (the wedding). So I cannot help but wonder what will I capture next for these two? Hmm… Dare I say, maternity session?

Did you get engaged over the holiday season? Well, congrats to you!! I would love to capture this special time in your life with an amazing engagement photo session. Email me and let’s chat! TangieReneePhotos@gmail.com

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India Jenee for The Film Inspired Project©

You guys know I love me some beautiful, big hair. I saw this beauty on Instagram and I just LOVED her look. India Jenee is so gorgeous! She has the most beautiful eyes that remind me of a Disney princess. Her skin complexion is just black gold…period. Melanin on fleek, okay? And then the hair. Long, natural curls and so silky-shiny!! India Jenee has “the look” for sure and I knew I just had to get her in front of my camera for The Film Inspired Project©. (The Film Inspired Project© is a personal photography project that I love working on in between clients. This project is all about the cool, urban, New York kinda vibes. I just love this project!)

India Jenee and I met in Downtown Atlanta on an early Saturday morning. She came looking like a fashion model and ready to go. I loved her outfit choices as well. She came with a laid-back, effortless cool style that really fit the project. India Jenee could literally just stand there and do nothing and that would have been fine with me…LOL. The way her facial features are set up, I could have photographed her ALL DAY. Her look is EVERYTHANG.

So as we worked and chatted, I just had to ask India what was her nationality. Come to find out, she is Black and Persian. Yep, Persian. So this is where that gorgeous hair comes from…LOL. (Queens, no wonder we love Persian weaves so much! LOL. These are the types of beauties this hair comes from!)

I had so many faves from my photo session with India but here are my faves…

I will be on a social media break very soon, friends. If you are interested in reaching out to me for a photo session, please email me at TangieReneePhotos@gmail.com.

Happy New Year!

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Clean Ears | Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer

I am going to finish out this year strong with blog posts for you guys! I am determined to get these 2017 photo sessions bloggged before 2017 ends…LOL. (Pray for me!) I have so many cool sessions and I really want to share them with you all. So here we go…

Today we have the gorgeous girls from Clean Ears, a super cool Christian podcast that discusses everything from Christian music to issues that young adults face and everything in between. I LOVE what these young ladies are doing and I think this is so relevant for such a time as this. There are so many pressures that young Christian adults face and Clean Ears lets them know that they are not alone while also giving good tips and advice to steer them in the way of the Lord. I just LOVE it.

So of course these queens needed a branding session for their website and marketing materials. I was so blessed and honored that they hit up TRP to get the job done. I was so excited to work with them.We have followed each for a long time on social media (and we all go to the same church) so it was so cool to have the opportunity to collab with them. As soon as Simone hit me up and told me the vibe they were going for, I was thinking to myself, “Yep. This is going to be DOPE.” And it was.

Simone, Seretha and Courtney, thank you for choosing Tangie Renee Photography for your branding photos for your amazing podcast. I pray that Clean Ears will grow BEYOND your wildest dreams and reach the masses here, there and everywhere. I pray that lives are led to Christ and forever changed because of this podcast. I pray that you ladies will continue to be bold and spread the gospel of Jesus. We need you!!

You can find out more about Clean Ears here.

Also, follow the girls on Instagram: @cleanears

Ready for your branding session for your business? Email me at TangieReneePhotos@gmail.com.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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Kamri | Atlanta Senior Photographer

I was so happy for the opportunity to photograph a high school senior this year. I don’t get to work with seniors often but when I do, they are the sweetest ever. Kamri was no exception. She is simply amazing. She is beautiful, smart and strong. She has endured a lot in her young life but she has pushed through and I believe she is going to continue to do GREAT things in life.

Her sweet mom passed away Kamri’s junior year in high school. As if that wasn’t difficult enough, she then had to relocate out of Atlanta so that she could go live with her dad to finish out her high school years. No student wants to relocate during their high school years, but Kamri had to do what she had to do to finish school and get her diploma. Thank God her dad and big sister were there for her to comfort her, support her and help her to finish strong. And guess what? She did it!! Kamri pressed forward and graduated with a 3.9 AND a full-ride scholarship. Whoot-whoot!! Is God awesome or what?!

Kamri, I am so very proud of you. Your story inspires ME! You make me want to be brave and strong. You make me want to keep pressing through when the going gets tough. You are a true inspiration and I pray that God uses you in a mighty way. You are going to do AMAZING things, girl…I just know it.

These are my faves from Kamri’s session. When I tell you that Kamri looked so flawless for her photo session…my gawwd!! Melanin on fleek, y’all!!

Happy Monday, friends!!

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Teko for The Film Inspired Project© | Atlanta Photographer

Issa dope model…AGAIN! LOL. You guys I swear, I am so lucky to be able to work with the dopest models in Atlanta. Time and time again…my mind is blown with all of the talent in the ATL. I am so blessed to be living in one of the coolest cities in the U.S. There are so many cool people here, so much talent and dopeness here AND this city is steadily on the up and up. Atlanta has been called “The New Hollywood” and guess what? I’m here for it!

I say all of that to say, you do not have to look far to find the dopest models in game here in the A. If you check my photography portfolio, you can tell that I LOVE working with models. They just rock my world…LOL. Working with models differs from working with clients because many times the models that I work with are just starting out and they have THAT DREAM. If you know me then you know I love people that are chasing their dreams. What a blessing it is to help someone in any kind of way to chase their dreams. So I get with the models and we make “fiyah” for their portfolio and mine. Win-win.

I had the awesome opportunity to work with Teko and he killed it. Teko has what it takes to be a model for sure. He is handsome, he has really great facial structure and then when he smiles? Man! He can light up any room with that smile. He is for sure a photographer’s dream. On top of the good looks and GQ style, he has a very nice personality and THAT is what will take him far in his career. He left a great impression on me and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Teko, you have such a bright future ahead of you. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with you and help you build your portfolio. I just know you are going to do some AMAZING things in your modeling AND music career. You better believe that I am going to be right here on the sidelines cheering you on. Rock on, wit yo’ bad self!!

I love me a model that knows how to “move”. You gotta learn to do more than just stand there and look good. Teko killed the movement in the photo below.

And there is that million watt smile!!

Want to connect with Teko? Check out his DOPE website here. Also, find him on Instagram: @iamteko

Happy Hump Day!! We’re half way there, guys!!

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