Kamri | Atlanta Senior Photographer

I was so happy for the opportunity to photograph a high school senior this year. I don’t get to work with seniors often but when I do, they are the sweetest ever. Kamri was no exception. She is simply amazing. She is beautiful, smart and strong. She has endured a lot in her young life but she has pushed through and I believe she is going to continue to do GREAT things in life.

Her sweet mom passed away Kamri’s junior year in high school. As if that wasn’t difficult enough, she then had to relocate out of Atlanta so that she could go live with her dad to finish out her high school years. No student wants to relocate during their high school years, but Kamri had to do what she had to do to finish school and get her diploma. Thank God her dad and big sister were there for her to comfort her, support her and help her to finish strong. And guess what? She did it!! Kamri pressed forward and graduated with a 3.9 AND a full-ride scholarship. Whoot-whoot!! Is God awesome or what?!

Kamri, I am so very proud of you. Your story inspires ME! You make me want to be brave and strong. You make me want to keep pressing through when the going gets tough. You are a true inspiration and I pray that God uses you in a mighty way. You are going to do AMAZING things, girl…I just know it.

These are my faves from Kamri’s session. When I tell you that Kamri looked so flawless for her photo session…my gawwd!! Melanin on fleek, y’all!!

Happy Monday, friends!!

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Teko for The Film Inspired Project© | Atlanta Photographer

Issa dope model…AGAIN! LOL. You guys I swear, I am so lucky to be able to work with the dopest models in Atlanta. Time and time again…my mind is blown with all of the talent in the ATL. I am so blessed to be living in one of the coolest cities in the U.S. There are so many cool people here, so much talent and dopeness here AND this city is steadily on the up and up. Atlanta has been called “The New Hollywood” and guess what? I’m here for it!

I say all of that to say, you do not have to look far to find the dopest models in game here in the A. If you check my photography portfolio, you can tell that I LOVE working with models. They just rock my world…LOL. Working with models differs from working with clients because many times the models that I work with are just starting out and they have THAT DREAM. If you know me then you know I love people that are chasing their dreams. What a blessing it is to help someone in any kind of way to chase their dreams. So I get with the models and we make “fiyah” for their portfolio and mine. Win-win.

I had the awesome opportunity to work with Teko and he killed it. Teko has what it takes to be a model for sure. He is handsome, he has really great facial structure and then when he smiles? Man! He can light up any room with that smile. He is for sure a photographer’s dream. On top of the good looks and GQ style, he has a very nice personality and THAT is what will take him far in his career. He left a great impression on me and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Teko, you have such a bright future ahead of you. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with you and help you build your portfolio. I just know you are going to do some AMAZING things in your modeling AND music career. You better believe that I am going to be right here on the sidelines cheering you on. Rock on, wit yo’ bad self!!

I love me a model that knows how to “move”. You gotta learn to do more than just stand there and look good. Teko killed the movement in the photo below.

And there is that million watt smile!!

Want to connect with Teko? Check out his DOPE website here. Also, find him on Instagram: @iamteko

Happy Hump Day!! We’re half way there, guys!!

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Justin and Charalaina 2017…A Celebrate Your Love Session | Atlanta Couples Photographer

Ahh. Those loyal TRP clients that I just adore. I have been so blessed to have the sweetest clients ever!! You know those clients that come to you year after year for all of their photography needs? Not to mention those clients that seem to get sweeter and sweeter as the years go by?  Well, Justin and Charalaina are THOSE kind of clients “slash” friends. I just cannot get enough of them.

Last year, we got together and had a photo session for their 4th wedding anniversary. This year, we did it again but decided to take it up a notch. I suggested that we get “fancy” this year instead of the more casual shoot that we did last year. Justin and Charlaina were all for it. I knew this was going to be GOOD!! I chose a cool location in Buckhead and we made this thang happen!!

Oh my gosh, I loved Charalaina’s new haircut and her outfit was so very pretty! She was slayin’!! Justin did not come to play either in his swaggy vest and Chucks. (Y’all already know how I feel about Chucks…yasss!) When I tell you that my peeps came READY, man!! They for sure came “fancy”.

Some photographers say that shooting couples can be a little tricky because the couples can sometimes be awkard at first and need to “warm up”. Hmm. Not Justin and Charalaina! They have such a genuine, sweet love that as soon as the camera was on them – BAM! That love just came through and my camera captured every single moment of it. The looks at each other, the sweet kisses, the moments of laughter – their love is EVERYTHANG!!

Justin and Charlaina, you have no idea how blessed I feel to be able to capture yet another anniversary and celebration of your love. I pray to God that you two continue to share this amazing love for a couple of forevers…

Charalaina’s smile though…so BEAUTIFUL!!!

I see you, Justin…serving that GQ model face!!

Ready for your Celebrate Your Love photo session? Email me at TangieReneePhotos@gmail.com.

Happy Monday, friends!

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The Mickle Family 2017 | Atlanta Family Photographer

Photographers, do you have those repeat a.k.a. “loyal” clients that you just LOVE because you know that every time they hit you up for a photo session, it is going to be a ton of fun? Don’t you just love clients like that?? Kathy Mickle and her beautiful family are THOSE clients! Every year Kathy hits me up for a photo session of some kind and I am so very grateful for her loyalty with all things TRP. Clients like Kathy are such a blessing.

So Kathy had a cool idea to do a Father’s Day photo session. Why did I love this idea so much? Well, for one – my ladies ALWAYS hit me up for Mother’s Day photo sessions but rarely do I get a request for photos for a father for Father’s Day. I loved this idea! Another reason why I loved Kathy’s idea was because she has the most beautiful blended family ever and she wanted to include EVERYBODY in these family photos. EVERYBODY. This meant that Kathy and her husband along with her ex-husband and ALL of their kids were coming together for a family photo. Now how cool is that?? In a crazy world where some “immediate” family members don’t even speak to each other or get along, here you have a BLENDED family of parents and children that love and respect each other as if they were the best of friends. A modern day Brady Brunch and so beautiful to witness.

We met up at a lovely park this past summer and made this thang happen! Of course EVERYONE showed up looking gorgeous, since they are such a good-looking family. I was not surprised. LOL. I was actually amazed at how Kathy planned this enire photo session and was able to reel everyone in at the same time on the same day with all of the family members. Kathy girl, you did that! Whew! AND we all know how it can be with kids…LOL. But the kids were all smiling and joyful and such a pleasure to work with once again.

Kathy, you keep choosing TRP and for that I am bursting with gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ready to book your TRP family session? You can email me at TangieReneePhotos@gmail.com for booking and details.

Thank you for stopping by my blog!

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Estabon for The Film Inspired Project© | Atlanta Photographer

So let’s be clear on something. I will neer brag on myself as a photographer. Nope. I won’t do it. I am beyond grateful to do what I love and I will forever walk in humility when it comes to photography and my business. HOWEVER…LOL. I have ZERO problem bragging on the GORGEOUS and TALENTED models that I have the opportunity to work with. Oh, no problem at all. I have met some super cool models on my photography journey and this one here?? Whew!! One of my ABSOLUTE fave models, like ever!!! I just love me some Estabon.

I first met this handsome face on the set of a magazine shoot I did last year. I planned this shoot with some other vendors and though we did the initial planning together, the event planner chose the models. When Estabon walked in (all of the other models had arrived, this hottie was”fashionably late”…LOL.) my jaw just dropped. He was one of the most handsome, coolest, swaggiest (Is that even a word?) men I had ever seen. He had this beautiful skin, this gorgeous face with the most perfect structure and then HIS HAIR!!! Whew!! He had Bruno Mars styled hair at the time!! I think it’s safe to say that all of us ladies on set had to sit down and catch our breath. Estabon was HOT!!!

We had such an awesome shoot that day. And I have to be honest, my camera just gravitated towards Estabon because he just has “that thing”…that star quality…that effortless swag. He just knew EXACTLY what to do when the camera was on him and I could not stop shooting him!! LOL. (Quick tip for the models: If you are ever working with a group of models, make sure that YOU are the one that the photographer is drawn to. THIS is how you stand out in a group of models.) Estabon did just that. He is a photographer’s DREAM!! So after we had an amazing shoot that day I just knew that I had to work with him again. I just had to.

Then I began my urban photography project, The Film Inspired Project©. Who else to help me make this project everything I envisioned it to be and more? Estabon!! So I hit him up, we made plans and we rocked.it.out. I was so, so happy to be working with him again and believe me, he did not disappoint. Everything from his outfits, his hair, his swag…100% on point. He is just so gorgeous and so easy to shoot, I literally did not want to stop shooting…LOL!! He gave me everything I needed and we made some cool things happen that day.

Estabon, you already know how I adore you as a person and respect you as a model. You.totally.rock. I cannot wait to work with you yet again.

The photo below is definitely one of my FAVE photos of the year! Estabon is such a talented model and he understands “movement” when modeling very well. Top.notch.model. Love him! 

I hope you lovely people are enjoying your Tuesday!!

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