Marcus | Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer

Suffice it to say that AMAZING things happen when this handsome guy and I link up. We had our first photo session late last year and those photos turned out soooo bomb, so it was only right that we linked back up to do it again. But THIS time…whoa! We took it to a whole new level. I had been talking to Marcus about model development and things that I really wanted him to work on. One of the main things I wanted to help develop in Marcus was confidence. If you are going to model, you have to be confident. Humble but confident. You have to act like you deserve to be right where you are…because you do.

Needless to say, Marcus REALLY leveled up on this shoot compared to our last. (Even though our last one was DOPE…LOL!) There was just something different about the way Marcus was able to turn it ON when the camera was on him this time. He exuded confidence, which was everything I needed for the shots that I had in mind for him. I wanted realy nice, clean shots for his modeling portfolio and I wanted to show some range in his modeling capabilites. He nailed it. Effortlessly.

And what’s even better than leveling up on your photo shoot and creating amazing photos for your modeling portfolio? HELLO!!! Getting said photos published IN PRINT in a really cool fashion magazine, people!!! Yes, we did that!! You can check out our cool feature story here. We are so grateful and humbled by all of this! And we thank you all for supporting us and cheering us on incessantly. You guys love when Marcus and I get together and collab…LOL. We appreciate you all!!

And without further ado, check out Marcus’s cool shots…

Can you say “GQ magazine”?? Come on now, Marcus!! That model behavior is killin’ em!!

Come on FACE!!! You betta serve us, Marcus…LOL!!! This has to be one of my best headshots, like everrr!!  And then there was the “money shot”…Come on, photogs!!! You know we always have that ONE shot that’s like that “drop the mic” moment. (Cuz we ain’t gon’ drop our camera…LOL.)  This photo below was THAT shot. Fi-yah. 

Interested in booking Marcus? Email me at and be sure to follow him on IG —> @_iammays_

And what do we have next up our sleeves? Just wait on it.

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Rachelle | Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer

We have another cool session on the blog tonight. I am on a roll with this blogging stuff lately…whoo-hoo!!! LOL. I just keep sitting on so many pretty photos to where I said, “I have to get all these up on the blog and share with my people!” I appreciate you all who really keep up with my work so it’s only right that I am consistently sharing my reent work with you all. So here we go.

I am loving these recent “branding” sessions where my clients are looking to update their websites and marketing tools for their business. These clients are looking for nice, clean photos taken with cool concepts that really show off who they are as a person and what their business is all about. Gone are the typical boring headshot sessions…LOL. These people want to bring some LIFE to their branding! I love these sessions!! 

Rachelle is an Atlanta realtor. She had not done photos in a while so she was a little nervous. I reassured her that the photo session would be fun and she had nothing to worry about it. My amazing make-up artist, Shona, did Rachelle’s make-up and had her looking even more beautiful  than she already looked. (Rachelle is such a natural beauty…my gawwd!!!) The gorgeous make-up paired with the choice of outfits really made this sweet lady’s photos stand out. 

The mission: Cool, fresh and up-to-date professional photos for Rachelle’s website. Mission accomplished. 

You betta WORK you boss babe, you!!!  Ready for your TRP branding session? Email me so we can discuss your vision:


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Aubrey | Atlanta Child Photographer

DISCLAIMER: DO NOT let this cute little face fool you!!! Oh this little cutie made me WORK for!! LOL!! I chased her, I got on the ground with her, we fed her gummy bears, I played with Elmo with her… When I left this photo session with Baby Aubrey, I went home and took a nap! But I would not change a thing…I loved every moment with this sweet faced child. 

I first saw Aubrey at my gym when a young lady was holding her and I thought to myself, “Oh my gosh, that is a beautiful baby!!” And she had this cute little baby afro full of curls. I thought to myself, “I have to get her in front of my camera!” So I went and talked to my friend Rachel that works at the gym. I asked her if she knew who this beautiful little girl was and who was her mom. Rachel literally walked with me to Aubrey’s equally gorgeous mom and introduced us. Rachel is so sweet. She said to Naja (Aubrey’s mom), “Tangie is an amazing photographer. You have to let her photograph your baby.” So Naja and I exchanged information and we made it happen.

Aubrey is soooo sweet. I just love her little personality. She is full of energy and she is smart. What a blessing to have her sweet face in front of my camera. Here are my faves…

Baby eyelashes…gahhh!!! Don’t you love them???

And then after all of the chasing, all of the trying and all of the bribing, we turned our backs for just a few seconds and when we looked back, this precious little angel just quietly got into the pose below. Be still my heart…Happy Monday, friends!!


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Bonheur Magazine Feature

So pleased to announce that my TRP photos of model Marcus were featured in Bonheur fashion magazine!! Whoo-hoo!! What a blessing to have my photos published in print. I am so grateful and humbled for the opportunity. I look forward to all of the other GREAT things God has in store for me and my business. This is just the beginning…

If you would like to support and purchase the magazine, please use the link below:

Instagram: @bonheurmagazine

(Thank you for all of your support!!)

It’s Fri-yay!!! Enjoy your weekend, friends!!



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Rumi for The Film Inspired Project© | Atlanta Photographer

I know I say this ALL.THE.TIME. I apologize in advance…LOL. But when I tell you that I get to work with the most AMAZING people on my photography journey – oh my gosh. I am so grateful. Like seriously, sometimes at the thought of this – my heart gets so full. I love my clients and all of the super talented models, actors, and music artists I have the privilege of working with.

Rumi is no exception. From the first time I worked with her on the set of our wedding styled shoot, I just loved her. She was so beautiful that (I have to be honest here) I thought she was going to be a little stand-offish and kinda quiet and laid back. Boy, was I wrong!!! LOL!! Rumi brought so much life, fun and laughter to our shoot until we all promised we had to work with each other again. I quickly learned that she was not just beautiful on the outside but whe was just as beautiful on the inside.

After our wedding shoot, I definitely kept Rumi in mind. Again, with my personal photography project (The Film Inspired Project©), I knew she would be perfect for it. For our wedding shoot, I saw her all gorgeous and glammed up. But with her natural beauty, I knew she would look just as gorgeous with a more natural, effortless and edgy look. Yeah. I was excited for this. So I reached out to her and we made magic happen…again.

Rumi doll, thank you so much for always suppporting my business and everything I do as a boss babe. Please know that the respect and support is mutual. I think you are so amazing and I am loving watching you GLOW on all of these movie sets as you chase your own passion. You are a rising star, my dear…

Just look at her gorgeous face in the photo below!! I cannot even deal…


Love Rumi’s face in the photo below…LOL. Totally my “mood” a lot of days…LMBO!!

Happy Tuesday, loves!!

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