Rumi for The Film Inspired Project© | Atlanta Photographer

I know I say this ALL.THE.TIME. I apologize in advance…LOL. But when I tell you that I get to work with the most AMAZING people on my photography journey – oh my gosh. I am so grateful. Like seriously, sometimes at the thought of this – my heart gets so full. I love my clients and all of the super talented models, actors, and music artists I have the privilege of working with.

Rumi is no exception. From the first time I worked with her on the set of our wedding styled shoot, I just loved her. She was so beautiful that (I have to be honest here) I thought she was going to be a little stand-offish and kinda quiet and laid back. Boy, was I wrong!!! LOL!! Rumi brought so much life, fun and laughter to our shoot until we all promised we had to work with each other again. I quickly learned that she was not just beautiful on the outside but whe was just as beautiful on the inside.

After our wedding shoot, I definitely kept Rumi in mind. Again, with my personal photography project (The Film Inspired Project©), I knew she would be perfect for it. For our wedding shoot, I saw her all gorgeous and glammed up. But with her natural beauty, I knew she would look just as gorgeous with a more natural, effortless and edgy look. Yeah. I was excited for this. So I reached out to her and we made magic happen…again.

Rumi doll, thank you so much for always suppporting my business and everything I do as a boss babe. Please know that the respect and support is mutual. I think you are so amazing and I am loving watching you GLOW on all of these movie sets as you chase your own passion. You are a rising star, my dear…

Just look at her gorgeous face in the photo below!! I cannot even deal…


Love Rumi’s face in the photo below…LOL. Totally my “mood” a lot of days…LMBO!!

Happy Tuesday, loves!!

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Kellie | Atlanta Photographer

One word to describe this photo session? Dreamy. We began shooting right at sunrise. The early morning light was AMAZING. The perfect lighting along with Kellie’s gorgeous blush-colored, flowy dress made for a really “dreamy” session. Her photos turned out exactly the way I envisioned and that always makes a photographer happy! LOL.

Kellie is a photographer’s dream. Not only is she GORGEOUS but she really knows what she’s doing in front of the camera so she made my job super easy. I literally just had to stand there and snap away. Her look, her movement, her sweet personality – she is just a joy to work with and I cannot wait to work with her again.

I have been sitting on these beautiful photos for a while now. Allow me to share with you my faves…

Her eyes…I cannot.

The photo below SCREAMS Vogue magazine. Kellie looks like a stunning fashion model.

Whew…that early morning sunlight. So grateful for clients that trust my craziness when I suggest we shoot early and catch the sunrise.

How gorgeous is Kellie’s face though? My gawwd!!

Follow Kellie on Instagram: @brash_living

How about that lighting though? Want to book your own sunrise session? Email me at I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Monday, friends!


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Greg and Jen…A Celebrate Your Love Session | Atlanta Photographer

Y’all already know I love me some Greg and Jen. After our first shoot we had back in 2015, I have not looked at them as “clients” but as “friends”. They are cool. They are sweet. They are kind. And not to mention, they are are SWAGGY! I always look forward to shooting with Greg and Jen because I cannot wait to see what kind of fashion they will be rockin’. They ALWAYS dress to impress for their photos and this photo shoot was no exception.

Okay, so can I just say how AMAZING Greg is as a husband though. This guy reached out to me for a SURPRISE first anniversary photo shoot for his equally amazing wife, Jen. How sweet is that tho? We all know that it’s usually us ladies scrambling to coordinate the photo shoots but not this time. This was ALL Greg. I thought that was the sweetest gift ever for their anniversary. I was so excited to capture their love once again and I was super excited for Jen since she had no idea!

We met in Downtown Atlanta on the Beltline. Oh my gosh. What a cool place for a photo session!The graffiti was super cool and the Ponce City Market made for a really nice backdrop. The weather was perfect for an early morning photo session. The sun was shining, but not too bright, and the weather was warm. Greg and Jen looked so stunning that we were literally stopping traffic. As people would walked by, they would stop in awe of how gorgeous these two looked and did not hesitate to tell them! LOL! I loved it! Everything about this photo session was exactly what I envisioned and much more. I absolutely love Greg and Jen’s photos.

Greg and Jen, thank you so, so much for choosing Tangie Renee Photography AGAIN for your photography needs. I am so blessed and honored to be a part of such a special time in your lives. I absolutely love documenting your love and I cannot wait to do it again.

(And one more thing. As much as I LOVED walking around the Beltline with you two lovebirds and capturing your love, the best part of my time with you two though? The King popsicles we had at the end of our photo session!!! LOL!)

Ahhh…look at their LOVE!!!

Love this one below. This should be blown up into a huge canvas for their wall, right?

I love my Greg and Jen!!!

Are you married and would like a “Celebrate Your Love” session? I would love to capture your love! Email me at

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Jamil for The Film Inspired Project | Atlanta Photographer

This was a cool session. Jamil a.k.a. The Kid Plot is a music artist here in Atlanta and needed some update photos for his promos. He knew who to call! LOL. I was so excited to finally get to work with him because we have planned for the longest to do a photo session but it just never happened. Until recently…

Apparently I’ve been under a rock somewhere because Jamil is a star on the music scene and I had no idea…LOL. His recent single released on Spotify garnered half a million streams!! I saw that posted online and I said, “Whoa!!” And just think, this is just the beginning!! Jamil is going to be a HUGE star and I’m just so glad I had the chance to photograph him before he blows all the way up! LOL!!

Here are my faves from his photo session…

Whew!! Look at that good-looking face!!!

If y’all knew what it took for me to get Jamil to bless us with his beautiful smile…mannn!! LOL.

He is serving FACE in this one and I love it!!

You can  check out Jamil’s music here.

You can follow an show Jamil some love on Instagram: @thekidplot

Happy Monday, friends!!

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Darius and Angelina | Atlanta Engagement Photographer

When I tell that I LOVE how Darius and Angelina’s engagement photos turned out…whew!! I LOVE THEM!!! The location was a great choice, the lighting was perfect and Darius and Angelina looked like they stepped out of the pages of a fashion and beauty magazine. Love was definitely in the air on this Fall morning and we got an early sunrise start. Ohhh…the lighting!!

I met the gorgeous Angelina at a skating rink in the Fall of last year. Her hair. If you know me then you KNOW that I LOVE me some big hair. I just do. So I noticed this gorgeous girl with this big, beautiful hair and I just had to approach her and ask her if she  would she be interested in modeling for me. I knew that she would be perfect for a personal photography project that I had been working on. It’s edgy, urban and cool. Just like her style. Thankfully, Angelina was soooo kind and sweet AND she was so eager to support me and my business. I followed up with her about a week later and we made it happen. And boy did Angelina BRING IT at that shoot. You can check that session out here.

I was perfectly fine and satisfied having worked with Angelina on my personal project. The photos turned out EXACTLY how I envisioned times ten! LOL. And then Angelina hit me up again and asked if I would be interested in photographing her family AND (surprise!!) she had gotten engaged and asked me to photograph her engagement session. (GASP!!) How is it that I just met this girl and she already was supporting my business like she had known me for ten years!! I was so grateful and honored to continue to work with Angelina and her family. I am even more grateful and honored that I can now call her my friend.

Darius and Angelina, thank you so kindly for choosing TRP for your engagement photos. I “heart” y’all.

Yes, y’all!!! You betta SERVE face!!!

Come no now, Darius, with that model look!!!

I cannot even stand how GORGEOUS this girl is…my goodness!!! My camera LOVES her!!

Are they not just the CUTEST though?

So this gentleman was so sweet. When I was photographing Angelina he stopped dead and in his tracks. I am not the one to get in anyone’s way when I am shooting; I like to make sure that people know that they can walk past me and it’s fine. So I tried to get this gentleman to go ahead and walk by an he replied, “Oh no! She is too pretty for me to interrupt her photo!” And then when I got my shot, he walks by then stops. “Hey, can you take a picture of me?” Gladly, sir.

Are you ready to book your engagement session with Tangie Renee Photography? Email me at Let’s chat!

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